#084 Doduo Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Kamonegi

Type:  Normal/Flying

Species:  Twin Bird

Height: 4' 07"

Weight:  86.0 lb

Doduo evolves to Dodrio at level 31

Advantages:   Grass, Fighting, Bug

Disadvantages:  Electric and Rock

Description:  A bird that makes up for its poor flying with its fast foot speed.  Leaves giant footprints.  Doduo's two heads never sleep at the same time.  Its two heads take turns sleeping, so one head can always keep watch for enemies while the other one sleeps.

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Peck Flying
20 Growl Normal
24 Fury Attack Normal
30 Drill Peck Flying
36 Rage Normal
40 Tri Attack Normal
44 Agility Psychic



Level Move Type
- Peck Flying
- Growl Normal
9 Pursuit Dark
13 Fury Attack Normal
21 Tri Attack Normal
25 Rage Normal
33 Drill Peck Flying
37 Agility Psychic