#093 Haunter Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Ghost

Type:  Ghost

Species:  Gas

Height:  5' 03"

Weight:  0.2 lb

Gastly evolves to Haunter at level 25
Haunter evolves to Gengar when traded

Advantages:   Psychic

Disadvantages:  Normal

Description:  Because of its ability to slip through block walls, it is said to be from another dimension.  Haunter is a dangerous POKéMON.  If one beckons you while floating in darkness, you must never approach it.  This POKéMON will try to lick you with its tongue and steal your life away.

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Lick Ghost
- Confuse Ray Ghost
- Night Shade Ghost
29 Hypnosis Psychic
38 Dream Eater Psychic



Level Move Type
- Hypnosis Psychic
- Lick Ghost
- Spite Ghost
13 Mean Look Normal
16 Curse ???
21 Night Shade Ghost
31 Confuse Ray Ghost
39 Dream Eater Psychic
48 Destiny Bond Ghost