#025 Pikachu Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Pikachyuu

Type:  Electric

Species:  mouse

Height: 1' 04"

Weight: 13.0 lb

Evolution Pikachu evolves to Raichu with the Thunderstone

Description:  These mouse-like creatures are among the most sought-after Pokémon. Trainers often have a hard time keeping several Pikachu in one place, however, because a high concentration of Pikachu will trigger electrical disturbances in the atmosphere. 

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TP Roll Craft

Advantage: Water and Flying
Disadvantage: Electric, Grass, Ground, and Dragon

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Thundershock Electric
- Growl Normal
9 Thunder Wave Electric
16 Quick Attack Normal
26 Swift Normal
33 Agility Psychic
43 Thunder Electric


Level Move Type
- Thundershock Electric
- Growl Normal
6 Tail Whip Normal
8 Thunder Wave Electric
11 Quick Attack Normal
15 Double Team Normal
20 Slam Normal
26 Thunderbolt Electric
33 Agility Psychic
41 Thunder Electric
50 Light Screen Psychic



Pokemon Snap:

  • most levels... lure them with apples, pester balls or the flute to get them to do cute things
    like use the surf board on the Beach

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

  • Yellow players receive Pikachu as their starting Pokemon, but Red/Blue owners can catch 
    multiple Pikachus in Viridian Forest and the Power Plant. 
    Note that there is only one Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow -- and it can't be directly evolved into a Raichu. 

Pokemon Gold/Silver:

  • Route 2