#027 Sandshrew Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Sand

Type: Ground

Species:  Mouse

Height: 2' 0"

Weight: 26 lbs

Evolution Sandshrew evolves to Sandslash at level 22

TP Roll Craft

Description:  Burrows deep underground in arid locations far from water. It only emerges to hunt for food.  You must trade for either a Sandshrew or an Ekans, depending on which version of the game you have. There are no Ekans in the Blue version and no Sandshrew in the Red version.

Advantages:  Fire, Electric, Poison, and Rock

Disadvantages:  Grass, Flying, and Bug

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Scratch Normal
10 Sand-Attack Ground
17 Slash Normal
24 Poison Sting Poison
31 Swift Normal
38 Fury Swipes Normal



Level Move Type
- Scratch Normal
6 Defense Curl Normal
11 Sand-Attack Ground
17 Poison Sting Poison
23 Slash Normal
30 Swift Normal
37 Fury Swipes Normal
45 Sandstorm Rock