#021 Spearow Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Onisuzume

Type: Normal/Flying

Species:  Tiny Bird

Height: 1' 0"

Weight: 4 lbs

EvolutionSpearow evolves to Fearow at level 20

Description:  Eats bugs in grassy areas. It has to flap its short wings at high speed to stay airborne.  Spearow resemble the mild-mannered Pidgey, but they have a more ferocious temperament. If the two face each other in battle, Spearow usually have the upper wing. At level 20, Spearow evolve into Fearow.

Advantages:  Grass, Fighting, and Bug

Disadvantages:  Electric, Rock, and Ghost

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Peck Flying
- Growl Normal
9 Leer Normal
15 Fury Attack Normal
22 Mirror Move Flying
29 Drill Peck Flying
36 Agility Psychic



Level Move Type
- Peck Flying
- Growl Normal
7 Leer Normal
13 Fury Attack Normal
25 Pursuit Dark
31 Mirror Move Flying
37 Drill Peck Flying
43 Agility Psychic