Pokeball Pocket CraftPokeball Pocket Craft

Thanks to Melanie for contributing this idea!  She wrote:  

Right now my boys are huge into Pokemon, the original series (that's what we get for getting videos from the public library that are 10 years old). They love to pick out their pokemon and color them themselves and cut them out and battle with them. I made Poke balls for them to keep them in, thought I'd send along a picture. It's a paper pocket made from a whole white circle and a half red circle, with the black stripe glued to the red half. Melanie


picture of a pokemon (they can draw it themselves or you can use the coloring pages (large) or pokemon journal images (smaller) to color in)

white cardstock or paper

red cardstock or paper

black cardstock or paper

circle shape to trace (lunch sized plate, margarine container lid, etc) -- the circle must be larger than your pokemon picture.




something to color with


Pokeball Pocket Craft

color and cut out your pokemon picture

trace a circle onto the white paper and cut it out

Trace a circle onto the red cardstock.

Cut it out.  

Cut this circle in half.  

Discard half.

Cut a thin strip of black paper and glue it on the straight edge of the red half circle.

Cut a small black circle and glue it in the center of the black paper strip.

Staple the rounded edge of the red half circle to the white circle to make a pokeball with a pocket.  Do NOT put any glue along the straight edge.

Slide your pokemon into the pocket.