DLTK's Crafts for Kids

pokemon crafts

Click the links below  to go to the individual craft instruction pages.  All crafts on this page require a toilet paper roll to complete. 

pokemon crafts


Abra Pokemon

Aerodactyl Pokemon

Aipom Pokemon

Alakazam Pokemon

Ampharos Pokemon 

Arcanine Pokemon

Articuno Pokemon

Ash Ketchum

Beedrill Pokemon

Blastoise Pokemon

Bulbasaur Pokemon  

Butterfree Pokemon

Charizard Pokemon

Charmander Pokemon

Charmelion Pokemon 

Chikorita Pokemon

Crobat Pokemon

Croconaw Pokemon  

Cubone Pokemon

Cyndaquil Pokemon

Dragonite Pokemon

Eevee Pokemon

Electrabuzz Pokemon

Entei Pokemon 

Espeon Pokemon 

Farfetch'd Pokemon

Feraligatr Pokemon

Flareon Pokemon

Golbat Pokemon

Golduck Pokemon

Ivysaur Pokemon

Jolteon Pokemon

Kadabra Pokemon

Kecleon Pokemon

Lugia Pokemon

Machamp Pokemon

Machop Pokemon  

Magby Pokemon

Meowth Pokemon

Mew Pokemon

Mewtwo Pokemon

Miltank Pokemon 

Mr. Mime Pokemon

Moltres Pokemon

Nidoran (male)

Ninetales Pokemon

Noctowl Pokemon

Persian Pokemon

Pidgeot Pokemon

Pidgeotto Pokemon

Pidgey Pokemon

Pichu Pokemon 

Pikachu Pokemon

Psyduck Pokemon

Raichu Pokemon

Rhydon Pokemon

Sandshrew Pokemon

Scizor Pokemon

Scyther Pokemon

Slowking Pokemon

Snubble Pokemon

Squirtle Pokemon

Suicune Pokemon

Tauros Pokemon

Umbreon Pokemon

Vaporeon Pokemon

Venomoth Pokemon   

Venusaur Pokemon

Vileplume Pokemon

Vulpix Pokemon

Wartortle Pokemon

Wooper Pokemon

Zapdos Pokemon

Zubat Pokemon