Candy Cane Cookies

"When my brother's and I were younger, we used to "help" my mom make cookies
to decorate the tree. We made Candy Cane Cookies for the tree and if you
wrap them in plastic wrap you can hang them in the tree just like a regular
candy cane! I remember sitting next to my mom at the table twisting the
cookie dough until it looked right and making candy cane shapes, I tell you
those were the times when my mom had some peace and quiet because we were
working so hard to make the perfect candy cane. Now that I am a mom, I
asked my mom for the recipe to her secret candy cane cookies. She told me,
'honey they're just sugar cookies.' To make these secret cookies all you
have to do is make sugar cookie dough and before you put it in the
refrigerator to cool, take half the dough and work in some red food
coloring. When you take it out of the fridge, take small balls of the dough
and roll them into snakes. Take one snake of each color and twist them
together to make the candy can effect. Hook the end to make a candy cane,
put it on the baking sheet and bake as usual, when done, let cool, wrap and
hang in your tree. They're lots of fun to make and it's a great thing to do
with your kids. My brother and I are grown now and we still get together to
make these cookies for our mom."

Contributed by Annee.  Thanks!

Sugar Cookie recipe.


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