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Log Cabin Craft

log cabin craftcontributed by Leanne Guenther

Many pioneers grew up in log cabins way back when, including some of the United States' former presidents!


prepare milk cartonInstructions:

You can either use a 2L or 1L milk/juice container and cut it down to about 5" tall or you can use a 500ml or 250ml container without cutting it.


Viewer Contributions:

July adds:

Instead of using newspaper rolls for the "logs", try using straws or pretzel sticks glued onto the side.  If you use pretzels, you may want to use store bought frosting to "glue" the pretzels onto the milk carton.  That way the kids can safely nibble while they are constructing and the pretzels seem to stay stuck to the carton better with the frosting than they do with glue.

Monica adds:

I just wanted to share two options for the Log Cabin craft that may be easier for younger children.  Another option to make the logs would be to use brown paper grocery bags or brown craft paper.  Or for a larger scaled house for older children, a cardboard box could be used and paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls could be used for the logs.

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