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photo of life in Colombia

photo by ©Elaine Flaman
used with permission

Colombia, a country in South America, has some really neat animals.  It's a fun country for children to study for this reason.  It's also a Spanish speaking country -- it's fun to learn some simple words in the native language when studying a country (for example, how to count to 10).

Colombia is the country in the very northwest of South America that connects to Central America (Panama).

Colombia has quite a large coastline - it touches both the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the north.

In the center of Colombia, you can find snow-covered volcanoes and the northern-most portion of the Andes mountains.

In northern Colombia there are two deserts called La Guajira Desert and the Tatacoa Desert.  In the east there is a vast grassland area, called Los Llanos.

And of course the Amazon basin, with it's pristine jungle and famous river, makes up about a third of the country's area.  With such an amazing varieties of habitats, it's no surprise that there are so many unique and exciting animals to be found in Colombia!

Capital city:  Bogotá
Population:   nearly 50 million people
Language:   Spanish
Currency:    peso

Juan Matachin 

Colombia Crafts for Kids
Juan Matachin Paper Craft


poem:  Juan Matachin

National Bird of Colombia:  Andean Condor (which is part of the new world Vulture family)
vulture crafts

Vulture (Andean Condor) Paper or Handprint Craft

Vulture (Andean Condor) Paper Plate Craft

Vulture (Andean Condor) Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Other Animals of Colombia:
ant eater paper craft

Anteater Paper Craft

The giant anteater, the silky anteater and the lesser anteater are all found in Colombia.  Anteaters are really cool!



Colombia has lots of different bats (198 different species according to the Smithsonian Institute) including really cool ones like fruit eating bats and vampire bats.



Gray foxes and Crab-eating foxes both live in Colombia.

frog craft


Colombia has the largest number of amphibians in the world, including over 200 on the endangered species list.  Amphibians include frogs, toads, salamanders and caecillians (which sort of look like big, slimy worms).

black panther shapes practice craft

Jaguar - Black Panther Shapes Practice Paper Craft

About 5% of ordinary jaguars are all black instead of being gold with black spots.  The fancy word for this scientific occurence is "color morphism".  Lots of people call these animals "black panthers" instead of jaguars.  There's nothing different about these jaguars (they aren't a different animal, they just have different colored fur).



In Colombia, you will find the Colombian Wooly Monkey, the Three-Striped Night Monkey, the Coppery Titi and the Lucifer Titi.

sloth paper craft

Sloth Paper Craft

The two-toed sloth and the three toed sloth are both found in Colombia.


Whales and Dolphins

Because Colombia has coastlines with the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea they have a lot of ocean animals including Minke whales and Sperm whales.

Of course, there a lot more animals in Colombia like ants and spiders and butterflies and snakes.  Check out our animals section for a full list of animals from all around the world if there's a particular one you're looking for.

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