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Egypt Crafts, Facts, and Activities for Kids

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind this website is meant for children, so I do generalize and simplify quite a bit!

Egypt is a transcontinental country—meaning it’s a country that spans across two continents—in Africa and Asia. Egypt is home to some of the most famous archaeological finds in the world: mummies, the Pyramids, and all their histories. It is an interesting country for children to study for this reason.

image of the white desert in egypt with two chalk formations pictured off-center in front of a clear blue sky, one chalk formation due to erosion looks like a chicken and the other looks like a bomb exploding, and these are commonly called the chicken and the bomb,

The White Desert, Egypt
Photographed by © Sarah Goldsmith; used with permission under C.C. BY 2.0

The official language of Egypt is Modern Standard Arabic. There are also more than 3 million French speakers in Egypt, and French and English are very popular languages to learn as a second language. Many people in Egypt speak a few Nubian languages, such as Nobiin and Kenuzi-Dongola. In the Sinai Peninsula, the Bedouin Sinai people speaks Bedouin Arabic dialects; in the Eastern Desert, the Beja people speak Beja; and north of Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, the Dom people speak the Domari language.

Egypt is a country found in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe. As of 2021, the country is split into 27 political divisions (called governorates). Each governorate has one capital and at least one city.

Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea in the north, Israel and the Red Sea in the east, Sudan in the south, and Libya in the west.

Capital city:  Cairo
Language:  Modern Standard Arabic
National Bird and Animal:  Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis)
National Flower:  Lotus Flower (Nelumbo nucifera)
Currency:  Egyptian pound (EGP)

Egyptian Coloring Pages:
fantasy and medieval coloring page

Benu poster   (B&W)   or   (color)

camel coloring page

Camel Coloring Pages

egypt coloring page

Egypt Coloring Pages

Neat Facts:

  • Cairo has served as the capital of Egypt for more than 1000 years!
  • The 365-day, 12-month calendar was invented in Egypt!
  • Over 130 pyramids have been located in Egypt!

Egyptian Crafts for Kids:
camel craft

Camel Egg Carton Craft

Camel Silhouettes Paper Craft

crocodile craft

Crocodile Paper Craft

Crocodile Toilet Paper Roll Craft

egyptian bookmarks

Egypt Bookmarks

Age:  when they begin reading

pharaoh mask

Egyptian Pharaoh Mask
Paper Mache

Elementary school and up

mummy craft

Mummy Toilet Paper Roll Craft

preschool and kindergarten


Origami Pyramid

older kids and adults

camel craft

Paper Camel Silhouettes

Age 4+

Best if child can use scissors

pyramid craft

Paper Pyramid Craft

preschool and kindergarten

pyramid name tag

Pyramid Name Tags

sand paper art

Sand Paper Art

Age 4+

simple but effective... children younger than age 4 can use the art technique, but may have a tough time creating a realistic Egyptian drawing as it's done free hand -- you'd be better off letting them draw flowers or rough sketches of people.

Egypt has unique architectural history and interesting physical geography:

The White Desert

  • The White Desert has enormous chalk formations; a lot of these formations are white in color and some of them kind of look like mushrooms!
  • The White Desert was made by thousands of years of wind erosion.
  • The small desert fox is the only animal that lives here.
  • The White Desert is home to many sea fossils—suggesting that this landscape used to be entirely underwater!

The Great Pyramid of Giza

  • The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest, and the last standing, of the seven ancient wonders of the world.
  • The Pyramid consists of more than 2 million stone blocks!
  • It’s enormous standing at almost 500 ft tall and almost 800 ft wide at its base!
  • There are two other large pyramids at Giza, called the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure.

The Great Sphinx of Giza

  • The Great Sphinx of Giza is over 4000 years old!
  • The Sphinx is the world’s largest single-standing statue!
  • It is made of limestone.
  • It used to be very colorful!

The Nile River

  • The Nile River is the longest river in the world!
  • The Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea.
  • It creates a fertile green valley in Egypt in an otherwise desert region.
  • The ancient Egyptians farmed for food for themselves and their animals along the Nile.

Ras Mohammed National Park

  • Ras Mohammed National Park overlooks not one but TWO gulfs; a gulf is a deep inlet of sea—deeper but not necessarily larger than a bay—surrounded mostly by land.
  • The National Park includes protected coral reefs sheltering most of the Red Sea’s fish and wildlife
  • Ras Mohammed is a popular scuba diving destination as it includes a number of sunken shipwrecks, too.
  • The surrounding land is mostly desert!

Other Egyptian Activities:

Write Your Name in Hieroglyphics

Grade school and up

jigsaw puzzle 

On-line Jigsaw Puzzles

Other Ideas:

  1. Cats were highly respected in Egypt.  Their owners often even mummified them!  Check out the Cat crafts and the Cat coloring pages
  2. Egypt is famous for its poisonous snakes.  The story is told that Cleopatra killed herself by letting a snake bite her.  Check out the Snake coloring pages.

Book Suggestions:

Learn About Pyramids, Peter Mellett
Lorenz Books
1998 Anness Publishing Limited 

Thanks to Blair for contributing this book suggestion, suitable for Ages 10+

Egypt (First Discovery Books)
by Claude Delafosse, Philippe Biard (Illustrator), Gallimard Jeunesse, Phillip Biard