The bamboo-cutter looked at his sad wife and felt hopeless that he could not make her happier.  Later that evening, his wife looked up at Mt. Fuji’s brilliantly snow covered peak and shouted sadly, “Oh how I wish I had a sweet child to take care of!  It saddens me so that I will never have a young life to nurture!  Send me a child to care for!  That is all I wish.”

While his wife spoke, the bamboo-cutter noticed a glimmering light shining radiantly from Mt. Fuji’s topmost point.

“Dear husband!  Look!  Look!  There – on the mountaintop!  A child’s face is shimmering at me!” his wife cried out.

The Moon Maiden: mountain

The bamboo-cutter assumed that this was just a figure of his wife’s imagination.  “Nonetheless, I will go up to Fuji’s summit to see what is there,” he said skeptically.

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