The bamboo–cutter climbed the mountain for hours and hours.  He came to a small clearing in the mountain’s path and noticed a small blue and black butterfly fluttering gently towards him.  Follow me!  He heard someone whisper.  The bamboo–cutter stopped short in his tracks as he stared at the butterfly dancing around him.  He could not believe his ears.  The butterfly had spoken to him!

The Moon Maiden: butterflyThe bamboo–cutter followed the flapping butterfly along the trails of Mt. Fuji.  Finally, the butterfly led him to a beaming trail of silver light that steered him to a glade with a large bamboo tree and a small pond.  Silver light shone beautifully on the water. 

"Follow me!" the butterfly whispered as it flapped gracefully and landed on an object resting between the branches of the tree.

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