The Moon Maiden: babyThe bamboo–cutter approached the butterfly and found a small moonchild cradled amongst the bamboo stalks.

“My child!  Where have you come from?” the man cried, filled with joy.

“I have come to you from the Moon Lady.  She is my true mother, but she noticed your wife’s sadness and sent me to soothe her kind heart.  I am Princess Moonbeam,” the child replied.

The man, still filled with all the joy in the world, took the cradled child and made the journey home.  The blue and black butterfly fluttered behind having enjoyed the bamboo–cutter’s company so much.

When he arrived at home, his wife greeted him.  The moment she saw the child, she began to cry out with happiness.  The moonchild had indeed soothed the woman’s kind heart.


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