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Polish Wycinanki

Easy wycinankiClick here to see a larger photo of the easier Wycinanki or here to see a larger photo of the more difficult Wycinanki.  Close the photo windows when done viewing to return to this screen.

Wycinanki is a traditional Polish folk art.  These folk paper cutouts were used in the 1800's by Polish peasants to decorate their houses.  They usually hung these decorations on white walls and along ceiling beams to make the house more cheery.  The cutouts are symmetrical with nature designs and geometric shapes (and lots of roosters).  They are also used for occasions such as Christmas (maybe a symmetrical christmas tree shape).  They are also sometimes layered (different coloured cutouts placed one on top of another) to make a more intricate design.

Oh, and I think the Gwiazdy stars are just one of the many forms of Wycinanki, but I'm not 100% sure about that...

You will need a printer, paper and scissors.


teasywycinanki.jpg (7935 bytes)   Easy Wycinanki template for any printer

twycinanki.jpg (9130 bytes)   Hard Wycinanki template for any printer



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