Sure enough, the brigands returned from their invasion with a large stock of stolen goods including a mehari, the fastest breed of racing camel in the world.

Small Abdul and the Caliph's Daughter: camelThat evening, while all the brigands were fast asleep, Small Abdul woke his mother quietly and told her of his plans.

She stayed and watched guard as Small Abdul untied the camel. Using his quick wit and intelligence, Small Abdul was able to coax the animal into letting them ride it. Once the animal was compliant, Small Abdul beckoned his mother to help him on the camel and off they rode.

The camel was faster than any other animal nearby. They were safe from being caught once they started their journey.

Not knowing where they were or where they were going, Small Abdul let the mehari ride where it wanted.

Tired and hungry Small Abdul, Fatima, and the mehari approached a sheiks tent. They later found out that the mehari belonged to the sheik before the bandits had stolen it.


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