The sheik was a very kind man after he understood that it was not Fatima and Small Abdul who had stolen his beloved beast. He noticed that the two travellers were worn out, tired, and hungry and so he fed them, gave them time to sleep, and showed them all the civilities of kindness.

Small Abdul and the Caliph's Daughter: friendly sheikWhen Small Abdul and Fatima were ready to leave, they thanked the sheik for his great kindness and asked him for directions to their hometown.

The sheik was reluctant to let them go for he had grown fond of Small Abdul’s witty nature just as he had grown affectionate for Fatima’s beauty. He tried to persuade them both to stay, promising that he would treat Small Abdul as his own child and Fatima as one of his 4 wives.

Alas, he sadly let the two go after they protested; however, they remained thankful of his great humanity and graciousness. Before he let them go off on their way, however, the sheik gave Small Abdul the mehari that they had rescued from the brigands as a gift.

Small Abdul happily took the gift. Then, he and Fatima rode off following the sheik’s directions.


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