DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 7:  Lake Creek to Fairbanks

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Photo by Leanne Guenther
Cheena River from our campsite in Fairbanks, Alaska.

First thing this morning we crossed the border.  The crossing was uneventful and we were all excited to be in Alaska!

We had a very long drive in store for us today so the girls settled in with the movies we had brought.  The time flew by and before to long we arrived in Fairbanks.  It had been so long since we had been in a bigger city that we spent our time happily pointing out the McDonalds, Subway, and Safeway instead of sightseeing...*laugh*.  Dad decided it was time to do an oil change so we headed to Jiffy Lube for our first stop.

Mom and the girls went shopping at Sam’s Club while the RV was being tuned up and we picked up 4 new movies for the girls to enjoy while we drove.

After that excitement we decided to head to our RV park.  It wasn’t as pretty as a campground but it was nice to have electricity available.  Since we couldn’t have a campfire we decided to visit a nearby restaurant for dinner. Mom had a wild Alaska salmon.  YUM!!  It had white flesh and we later learned it was a silver salmon. Very fresh!

Wildlife viewing has tapered off a lot since BC but we did spot a marmot running across the road, or at least we think it was a marmot – it’s been the topic of much discussion and research trying to decide what it was exactly.

Mom and the girls turned in early while Dad visited the laundromat in the RV Park to do some much-needed washing.

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