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Our Alaska Road Trip

In the summer of 2004 we decided to take a driving vacation from our home in Calgary, Alberta to Alaska.  We planned a 21 day trip with long drives for mom, dad, 10 year Tasha and 6 year old Kaitlyn.

The following pages are our travel journal from this trip.  You can click on a specific day below or click here to start from the beginning.  Enjoy!!

Alaska Road Trip Journal

Day 1: Calgary to Jasper

Day 2: Jasper to Grande Prairie

Day 3: Grande Prairie to Toad River

Day 4: Toad River to Watson Lake

Day 5: Watson Lake to Whitehorse

Day 6: Whitehorse to Lake Creek

Day 7: Lake Creek to Fairbanks

Day 8: Fairbanks to Denali National Park

Day 9: Denali National Park to Anchorage 

Day 10: Anchorage to Seward

Day 11: Seward

Day 12: Seward to Anchorage

Day 13: Anchorage to Tok 

Day 14: Tok to Kluane Lake 

Day 15: Kluane Lake to Teslin Lake

Day 16: Teslin Lake to Liard Hot springs

Day 17:  Liard Hot springs 

Day 18: Liard Hot springs to Charlie Lake

Day 19: Charlie Lake to Grande Cache

Day 20: Grande Cache to Jasper

Day 21: Jasper to Kananaskis 

Day 22: Kananaskis to Calgary


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