DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 12:  Seward to Anchorage

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Photo by Leanne Guenther
Chickens huddle against the wall to avoid the rain.

Photo by Kaitlyn Guenther

Today was the first day of our return trip.  It had rained all night and into the morning. Mom and the girls donned the raingear for the exciting walk to the bathrooms.  We had to jump over puddles, lakes and rivers along the path!

As we drove down the bumpy road back to Seward we spotted a Harbor Seal, a loon, some arctic terns and a whole bunch of seagulls huddled on the shore.  Apparently they like floating on the water a lot more than they like to have it fall on their heads. Even the chickens in the “penny-tentiary” were lined up against their coop to avoid the rain.

Needless to say our return drive to Anchorage was more rainy than scenic but it was still a nice drive.  Darren called to a reserve spot in an RV park so we’d have services so we had time to tour around a bit before heading to our campsite.  We drove downtown past the Wyland wall.  An artist (Wyland) painted whales and an ocean scene on the side of the JC Penny  building.  He’s done some paintings in some other cities too.

Then we drive to the Alaska Wild berry farm.  We shopped for gifts and souvenirs.  Dad and the girls fed and petted the “reindeer” while mom stood back at an allergy – free distance and took photos.  Shandra recommended the Moose’s Tooth for beer and pizza in Anchorage.  We had enjoyed her last suggestion so we decided to try it out.  The pizza was great. Mom and dad enjoyed the sample-sized glasses of a bunch of different Alaskan beers (raspberry flavor anyone?) and the girls have freshly brewed root beer and cream soda.

We also stopped at Earthquake Park to take a quick peek of the Knik Arm of the Cook Inlet.

On the drive back to the RV site Tasha realized she had forgot her favorite hoody at the restaurant.  We went back but couldn’t find it even though we had bugged at least half the staff about it.

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