DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 13:  Anchorage to Tok

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Photo by Leanne Guenther
Mount Sanford, Alaska

Tragedy!  As we set out in the RV this morning we heard a large crash.  We looked in the back and realized we’d forgotten to stow away the toaster.  Poor Daddy – his toaster was lying there on the floor in pieces.  He carefully duct taped it back together and thankfully it still worked.

Disaster narrowly averted!

Today’s journey took us on a slightly different route than on the way here.  Rather than taking the parks Highway through Denali and Fairbanks, we took the shorter Glenn Highway straight to Tok.  After so many adventurous days, we decided we’d better have a day where we pretty much just drove.  Luckily the road was very scenic.

After a bit of a cloudy start, it ended up being a clear, sunny day so we took the opportunity to stop and take lots of photos.  We set the movies up for the girls as we knew we’d be doing a lot of driving – in all they watched 4 movies that day.

For lunch we stopped at a restaurant that looked like a log cabin.  It was a nice, clean place.  We didn’t want to waste the driving hours, so we ordered the food to go.  In retrospect it would have probably been quicker to sit down and eat our food.

The mom and daughters running the place were quite the characters.  In the time we were waiting they gave our fries away to the wrong people, set their kitchen on fire and made two of a number of meals. Every time they made an extra one of something they would just say “oh I guess I will just have that for lunch.  They must eat a lot of lunch.  It was slow but highly interesting.

We continued on to the Tok River campsite.  It was very full; Mom was concerned that we were going to have to spend the night with no place to stay.  But we settled into a campsite and started our campfire.  The girls played soccer a bit and then roasted weenies and then we all enjoyed our hotdogs for supper.

Mom made cherry pies for supper.  She struggled on cooking them but managed to make a non-burnt one for the girls to share.

We didn’t see much wildlife considering what a long drive that was, but we did peek over the fence at a musk ox farm, boy do those musk ox have tiny feet!

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