DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 14:  Tok to Kluane Lake

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Photo by Leanne Guenther
Kluane Lake and Kluane Mountains, Yukon

Today we headed back to Canada!  Dad stopped at a gas station right before the border to get us some cheaper US gas.  The station had a whole flock of mud swallows busily swooping from a mud puddle to an overhang building their nests.  They were fun to watch, although the owner of the gas station shook his head and said they were pests. Mom snapped a few photos of them.

We crossed the border with no trouble and set off for our overnight camping spot near Kluane Lake - Conglin Creek campground.  It was another gorgeous day so we once again stopped to take photos along the way.

Just minutes after crossing the border we saw a black weasel run across the road. Mom and dad were quite convinced that all mammals live in Canada (not really)!

Our ride was very uneventful until we stopped to fill gas at Destruction Bay.  In the distance from where we’d come we spotted (and photographed) a large plume of smoke rise up and then dissipate.  We’ve made decisions but what was it was it a volcano? A forest fire? Or an alien spacecraft that just landed? No one seems to know and we’ve asked quite a few people, our first mystery!

We arrived at our campground and we were disappointed it was quite full and we couldn’t get a spot near the lake.  The spot we did get was very nice and foresty though.  There were lots of wildflowers so mom was happy.

We wandered down to the playground for a while and then all carried a piece of wood back to our campfire.  Dad struggled chopping the wood a bit as it was still quite sappy… but he did end up getting the job done and we all enjoyed some nice ham tackets for supper.

We saw lots of squirrels and one even saw mom in the bathroom, they screamed like crazy, Mom and the squirrel!

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