DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 3:  Grande Prairie to Toad River

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Photo by Leanne Guenther
Peace River Bridge at Taylor, B.C.

Mom was starting to feel a bit nervous that we weren’t going to have any time to do anything but drive, eat and sleep for this vacation so we decided to get up earlier and have a long driving day, that way we would have more time to sight see when we reached the Yukon and Alaska.

We were on the road by 8am and crossed the border into BC.  The time change allowed us to set our watches back and it was 8am again even though we had been on the road for an hour.

We made some excellent progress passing through Ft.  St. John and Ft.  Nelson BC.  We stopped at Sasquatch crossing for gas and let the girls stretch their legs ad play on the ancient swings (a rusted swing they imagined had to be from the pioneer days or even older).  They ran around with Ruby for a while and then we got back into the RV for an on the road lunch of sandwiches and leftovers.

We drove through Stone Mountain Provincial Park where mom kept her eyes peeled for stone sheep (smaller cousins of Big horned sheep.) We drove up the mountain too Summit Pass, the highest point on the Alaska Highway.  We had planned to stay here but it was cold and rainy. Mom and Dad were a bit concerned that it would snow and ice up overnight and we’d end up stuck there, so we decided to drive for another half an hour.

On the way out of the park we passed a moose right by the highway and Dad got a couple of close up shots.

Photo by Leanne Guenther
Lake near our campsite at Toad River, B.C.

Half an hour later we pulled up into Toad River gas station where we stayed for the night.  The girls couldn’t believe we were camping at a gas station until we pulled around behind it to discover a beautiful lake! The lake, called Reflection Lake, was shallow and marshy, home to swallows, ducks, Loons and moose (all of which we saw).  Tasha enjoyed the tire swing, Mom enjoyed the peaceful lake, Kaitlyn enjoyed the resident cat and Dad enjoyed the hot shower of the trip!

We didn’t have a campfire so Dad made us some Mac and cheese.  Then Mom and the girls went to bed while dad found out the results of the Stanley cup final.  Unfortunately the Flames lost. Maybe next year!

Wildlife viewing was good again.  We saw a Tundra Swan flying and a bear by the road in the first 10 minutes and continued to spot bear, moose and various deer through out the day.  No Stone Sheep though.

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