DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 2:  Jasper to Grande Prairie

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Photo by Leanne Guenther
Lac Beauvert at the Jasper Park Lodge in Winter

One of Mom’s biggest concerns about this vacation was that the RV would not be comfy for a good night’s sleep.  This concern was obviously ill founded because everyone slept the late the first day.  We didn’t get on the road until 11am.

By the time we reached some of the stops mom had in mind it was already quite late (and drizzling to boot) so we just drove through, enjoying the scenery through the window.
We did make one stop to photograph a moose enjoying his lunch in a pond near the highway.  Wow! He was cool!

We ended our drive for the day at Saskatoon Island National Park just outside Grande Prairie, AB.  Once again we arrived to late to enjoy any activities we had planned, so we just set out to get supper prepared.  We had stopped at Grande Cache for a restaurant lunch, it was yummy but it ate up a lot of our time.

For supper we made campfire chicken packets which mom remembered from back in Girl Guide days.  Someone had left a fire smoldering so mom took the opportunity to show the girls how to make a fire without matches – never leave a fire smoldering kids!

The family looked a little nervous about moms “throw it in the fire” plans for cooking supper until they opened it and tasted it.  Yum!!

Tasha decided such yummy food needed a more interesting name so she dubbed them “Chicken Tackets” (aluminum foil + packets = tackets)

We had a little extra time after supper so the family played a game of “Magic” in the RV and then went to bed.

Wildlife viewing for the day was a bit more exciting, besides the moose, we saw 2 black bears and quite a few deer.

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