DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 17:  Liard Hot Springs

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Photo by Leanne Guenther
Mount Drum, Alaska

Our second day at the hot springs was very relaxing, really the only laid back day we had on the trip and one of 2 non-driving days.

Darren and I slept in late while the girls played fairly quietly in their bunk bed area. Mom was the last one up right around noon and we headed to the hot springs lodge for lunch.  The food was fairly good even though mom’s burger was far from cooked. Everyone had to wait for a new burger so we chit chatted about the trip.

Mom and dad had been awed by the thunderstorm the night before and spent some time describing it to the girls.  It was very loud and shook the RV.  Dad raced around closing the windows and the roof vents to keep out the rain.  It’s amazing what the girls can sleep through! The only thing they noticed was that their clothes were damp the next morning (there’s a roof vent in their bunk bed area).

After lunch we lazed around a bit, playing the Ninetendo game boys.  In the afternoon we decided to head down to the hot springs again.  On the way down the trail we spotted a giant water bug carrying something and some Canada Geese sitting in the marshy area.  We enjoyed the hot springs (except for the horse flies who pestered everyone and even pinched mom’s bum). Mom and dad agreed that although it was nice they preferred less natural springs like the ones in Radium and Banff.

For supper we dined on cup a soup.  Kaitlyn had been begging to try it since we bought it way back on DAY 1.  Then we played a few games of magic and headed for bed.

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