DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 16:  Teslin Lake to Liard Hot Springs

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Photo by Leanne Guenther
Nisutlin Bay Bridge near Teslin, Yukon
Longest bridge on the Alaska Highway.

Happy Father’s Day! We’d known that we would be on the roads for Father’s day so mom jumped the gun and gave dad his gift of seasons tickets to the Flames before we left, but the girls still tried to make the day special for dad.

We took him out for the lunch at Watson’s Lake.  It was a hot day and the waiter informed us that it was too hot to use the oven and they were all out of bacon.

Our lunch choices were greatly reduced * laugh *.  But we ordered our food and it ended up being quite tasty.  There were a lot of bugs in the restaurant because the door to the patio was open.  Besides the standard house flies there was a horse fly, a moth and a dragonfly. Mom killed the horse fly with a package of sugar, almost ate the moth with her hamburger and thankfully avoided any encounters with the dragonfly.

The girls drew dad some very nice fathers day cards and for supper made him a tasty sandwich.  We made it to Liard Hot springs where we had reservations for two nights.  We walked down the boardwalk through a very pretty bog.  Kaitlyn enjoyed looking at the bog plants and the fallen over bog trees.  It was a hot evening … Tasha was starting to wonder if there even was a pool as it was getting to be a long walk.

When we arrived at the springs everyone was a bit surprised to see how natural it was.  There were stairs that led down into the pool.  The sides and bottom of the pool were dirt and rocks and the water smelled like sulfur.  When we entered the pool it was very hot and we weren’t sure we would be able to stay in it but we soon discovered that there was a cool stream bubbling at the far end and we spent our time there.  The girls playing on a broken log while mom and dad chatted with other visitors.

After our swim we rested in the RV (dad had a nap) and then we played a game of magic.  All things considered, the girls did a good job for Fathers day.

Wildlife viewing was exciting for dad as we saw a number of eagles hunting as we drove.  One even flew in front of the RV carrying a rodent in his beak.  Right before we reached the hot springs we saw one brown bear cub and two black cubs by the road.  Mom got a fuzzy photo and a few not bad photos of the black bears.  We were extra cautious about walking to the hot springs because there are a lot of bears there.

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