DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 21:  Jasper to Kananaskis

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Photo by Leanne
Richardson Ground Squirrel (aka gopher) near our campsite.

Everyone woke up bright and early this morning, all excited to hear that we only had one more stop and then we would be home.  Tasha and Kaitlyn played cards while mom and dad sat in the front seat and chatted about the awesome trip.  It only took about two hours to get to Kananaskis, the place we would be staying for the night.  It was quite nice to have such a short drive compared to a few days before where we had driven 11 hours!

When we got to the campsite the girls were happy to hear that there was an outdoor swimming pool as well as a huge indoor hot tub (for daddy's aching bones).  But our excitement was brought to an end when we realized that there was a massive rain cloud above our heads.  The rain was quite pretty (not that anyone wanted to stand in it).  We decided that having a wiener roast in the middle of the rain wasn't such a great idea so we settled for some mac' and cheese instead.

We said goodnight to our vacation and fell asleep peacefully.

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