DLTK's Alaska Road Trip
Day 19:  Charlie Lake to Grande Cache

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Photo by Leanne
Least Chipmunk at the campground in Grande Cache

This morning the girls decided that they wanted to try a swim in Charlie Lake – maybe it would be warmer the Pine Lake!

It was a bit nicer, but still too cold to enjoy for any long period of time so we packed up and hit the road.  I’m sure it would be a nice lake to swim at in the hot afternoon instead of an overcast morning.

We were all growing tired of the “hole in the wall” wilderness restaurants we’d been visiting so we were all excited to see the familiar name, Smitty’s in the Grande Prairie so we stopped there for lunch, Mom ran to Future shop to pick up a couple of new movies for the girls and some Nickelback CD’s for Dad.

After lunch we headed off to Grande Cache where we’d be spending the night.  The Municipal campground was very nice with full hookups and a nice setting.  It was quite inexpensive considering.

We had a campfire and made chicken tackets.  It had been quite rainy and it was extremely challenging to get the fire started but after a few tries we managed it.

While getting the wood dad noticed some very small chipmunks and called mom over with the camera. Given their size we thought they were babies but later discovered that they were actually “Least Chipmunks” and that’s just the size that they were.

While we were working on the fire we heard a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sound that and noticed a raptor flying right past us at low altitude.  We figured that it must have just caught something and was flapping hard to regain its altitude.  I’d hate to hear that sound if I was its prey!

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