DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 3:  Halifax

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Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

Everyone had a tough time falling asleep last night and an even tougher time getting up this morning – hopefully we recover from our 3 hours of jet lag before too long.  We ordered room service, which showed up nice and early this morning.  We chowed down and then headed out of the hotel to Peggy’s Cove.

We arrived at about 10:00 – it was foggy and spooky and really neat! We walked up towards the lighthouse while chatting about ghosts, fishing villages and lobster traps.  When we arrived at the lighthouse we discovered we were allowed to clamber all over the glacial rocks along the seashore. Even mommy joined in the few (though I insisted we not choose the most difficult route all of the time.)

After we had spent sufficient time climbing around and taking photos we headed to the lighthouse only to discover that it was actually a post office now!  After that we visited the Sea Wester gift shop and the restaurant for a little shopping and lunch – Yum! Gingerbread cake!

We drove back to the hotel.  Dad and the girls visited the pool while mom had a bath (temporarily becoming trapped in the bathroom but refusing to panic and saving herself)

A little hesitant.
Does Tasha look a little hesitant to you?

Then it was off to Halifax Harbor for a tour of Alexander Keith’s microbrewery.  Dad had been looking forward to this for sometime and we were all pleasantly surprised to find it a very family friendly experience.  The guides were ‘in character’ 1863 folks who shared history, tales, songs, ice tea and beer.  We were all very impressed by Dad’s choice of activities.

After that we continued down the boardwalk oohing and aahing over seagulls, boats, buskers and gift shops.  Tasha oggled the yachts while Dad oggled the navy ships.  We stopped at Salty’s for a yummy seafood supper (chicken fingers for Kaitlyn).  We all giggled at Tasha wearing her lobster bib while trying to wrestle her lobster out of its shell.  I don’t think she’ll be ordering that again.

Before heading back to the hotel for bed we hopped on board the Harbor Hopper for and hour-long tour of Halifax by land and by sea in an amphibious vehicle.  The girls were the most surprised to see the boat drive up on the road to get us! We learned lots about Halifax, all about the explosion in 1917, that the navy is the main industry of Halifax, that the noon day gun scared the pants off the G7 leaders at the summit and that there are 10x more people attracted by booze than by land and food

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