DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 4:  Halifax to White Point Beach Resort

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We were up by 8 again this morning to enjoy breakfast in our room.  Right after that we popped down to the hotel pool to enjoy one last swim (hot tub for mom and dad).  After checking out of the hotel we stopped for baked goods, oranges, crackers and drinks – we weren’t sure what would be available along the way so we figured we’d better stock up a bit before we left Halifax. Mom also suggested getting some beach mats and beach toys since we hadn’t been able to fit anything that we had liked in her strict luggage rules * grin * 

We set out along the lighthouse route, following the southwest coastline.  We were able to bypass Peggy’s Cove since we’d seen it the day before.  The fog was still visible in the distance, but it was a lovely and scenic drive.

We stopped in Chester to pick up a lunch of sandwiches and fruit tartlets, which we enjoyed on the road.  We also stopped at the gift shop where Kaitlyn bought more seashells and mom bought seaweed soap. Mom and Dad pondered the pearl necklaces – maybe next time!  It was such a gorgeous that we decided to skip Lunenburg and the museum (we’ll save that for a rainy day) and headed straight to our next stop at White Point Beach.  We made one quick photo stop at Mahone Bay to try to capture the cute architecture there.

Bunny at White Point Beach

We arrived at White Point Beach Resort at 2:00pm just in time for check in.  The girls and I started lugging suitcases to our cabin while dad checked in and parked.  Kaitlyn rounded the corner in the front of our cabin and saw TWO BUNNIES! Oh, the squeals of delight.  I informed the girls that they could buy food from the lobby – and they did.  Tasha did not have the patience – but Kaitlyn quietly waited for the bunnies to start eating the food right out of her hand – it tickled!!  Dad joined us, smiled at the bunnies and then sat on the deck with mom to admire our breathtaking ocean view.  After awhile we finally made it into our cabin and changed into our bathing suits.  The girls played scoop ball, Frisbee and badminton for a while, edging closer and closer to the water.  They finally decided to brave the cold ocean and enjoy a couple of hours splashing in the water, playing Frisbee with dad and making sand castles with mom.

It was getting late and we were getting hungry so dad and the girls went over to the indoor pool to warm up, while mom lugged toys, towels and mats back to the room.

We headed to the restaurant for a huge and tasty buffet.  We finished the night off with a game of scrabble and then fell asleep to the sounds of the crashing surf.

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