DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 5:  White Point Beach Resort

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This morning we noticed a red glow in the room * grin * Dad’s back was a lovely neon pink color.  He bemoaned the fact that he was the only one unlucky (er, dumb?) enough to get such bad sunburn so early in our vacation.

After having a good giggle at poor Dad’s expense we ate a quick breakfast in our room and headed over to the beach house to try our luck canoeing.  It was fairly windy towards the middle of the pond and none of us we really skilled enough to fight the waves.  Dad and Kaitlyn faired much better than Mom and Tasha (we spent a lot of time squealing as we bumped into docks, rocks and shorelines)

We gave up on the canoes and decided to try out paddleboats.  Those worked a lot better although Kaitlyn’s legs were a bit short.

Boogie Boarding

Before we left we picked a couple of boogie boards to try out at the ocean.  The water seemed colder today and we didn’t spend a lot of time at the beach but dad, Tasha and Kaitlyn all tried it.  Kaitlyn had a really good wipe out and then was saved by dad from 2 floating jellyfish!

Dad and the girls headed to the pool to spend some time swimming in the warm water while mom did some laundry.

Mom was so exhausted so dad entertained the girls awhile longer by taking them to the games room where they played pinball, Ping Pong, shuffleboard and some videogames.

We went to the restaurant for supper again but didn’t want to gorge at the buffet 2 nights in a row so we ordered off the menu. Mom tackled a lobster and Kaitlyn was pleased to see they offered fish-free cheese pizza.

We capped off our evening by playing a game of Trivial Pursuit.  Dad and Tasha won but not by much! 

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