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Day 6:  White Point Beach Resort to Annapolis Royal

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We had another exciting day ahead so we checked out of the resort early, waved good-bye to the bunnies and set out on highway 8 towards Kejimkujuk National Park.

FrogOur first activity inside the nature park was exploring a couple of the nature trails.  The first one was a short, 15-minute walk, with signs talking about some of the animals in the park.  Kaitlyn holed to see some turtles while mom hoped to get some frog photos.

Our second trail was longer (about an hour) and very neat.  We saw mushrooms in colors we’d never imagine: yellow, orange, pink, red, brown and cream. And we saw lots of frogs.  They hopped across our path as we approached causing squeals and lots of photos.

About halfway through the marshy boardwalk trail, we found the path flooded with swampy water as deep as our ankles.  The flooding went around a bend so we couldn’t see how far it lased. Mommy bravely waded through to see if we could pick up the trail-we could.  Daddy carried Kaitlyn while Tasha squealed through on tiptoes in her fancy new ballet flats.  We were all laughing too hard to remember to take any pictures.

After our walk, we headed to the lake for lunch and a swim.  The water was nice and warm.  We all played some water games including monkey in the middle (which Kaitlyn decided she wanted to call piggy in the middle instead.)

The Queen Anne Inn in Annapolis Royal
The Queen Ann Inn in Annapolis Royal, NS

After a couple of hours at the lake, we climbed back into the truck and continued on Annapolis Royal.  We checked into our very fancy bed and breakfast, The Queen Anne Inn.  It was a very beautiful Victorian house built in 1865.  When we arrived, there was a wedding gong on in the back garden- it took awhile to quietly find someone to help us check in but we eventually made our way to our room at the carriage house.  We talked to the girls about how special it was that they were allowed to stay here and warned them to be on their best behavior (which they were).
Our room was lovely and filled with antiques.  The girls slept in separate beds upstairs with nifty handmade quilts.  We all felt like we were living in the olden days.

We planned to have supper at Newman’s.  But found it closed when walked down to it.  We stopped at a small corner restaurant instead.  It was hot and the service was slow but the food was sure tasty.

We enjoyed the walk back to the inn, took a few photos and then turned in for the night.

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