DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 7:  Annapolis Royal to Wolfville

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Kaitlyn's photo of a fire hydrant.
Kaitlyn had a 'thing' for fire hydrants
during her walk and took a photo
of every one she saw.

We enjoyed the “breakfast” portion of our B&B stay bright and early in the Sunday morning.  Dad and the girls walked around the town a bit while mom relaxed in the room and then we checked out of our fancy Inn.

The girls were most pleased when we drove up to the Upper Clements amusement Park!
Before we entered the park, we saw an apple orchard with real apples in the trees! It was neat, but not as neat as the promise of a roller coaster!

We entered the park and headed straight for the flume ride – a water log ride.  We went on it three times and we were all soaked by the end of it.  We went back to the truck to change into some dry clothes.  We stopped for lunch at “Brown Eyed Susan’s” by the park entrance.  It was ok, but not as good as we had expected it to be-the clam chowder was really good though. We enjoyed a few more rides, got airbrush tattoos and shopped for souvenirs.  We purchased sailor song which we all enjoyed singing along to. Mom bought a toe ring which she ended up giving to Tasha because it was too uncomfortable.  Tasha didn’t wear it for long either.

We were all happy, hot and exhausted so we decided it was time to pack up and continue our journey.  Our next stop was Wolfville, a university town, where we stayed at our second B&B, the Tattingstone Inn. Check in went smoothly (no one was distracted by weddings.) Our room wasn’t as large or fancy as at the Queen Anne Inn but it was clean and comfortable AND the Tattingstone had a heated outdoor pool!

The girls enjoyed floating on their new mats while mom and dad chatted with the owner’s son-in-law and daughter.  He shared some stories about the housing market-we were shocked by how inexpensive property was in this area.

After our swim we headed to Acton’s for supper.  The restaurant was fancy and we all felt a little intimidated.  But when the food came we quickly forgot our worries. Everything was very delicious. We cleared our plates, ordered dessert and cleared our plates again.

We returned to our room with happy tummies and had a good nights rest. (Dad enjoyed the bed here the most out of all the stops so far.)

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