DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 8:  Wolfville to Truro

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Mmmmm!  Maple everything!
Mmmmm!  Maple!

Another breakfast at B&B-YAY! We dined well first thing in the morning.  The sunroom where breakfast was served wasn’t as sunny as it had been the day before, but it was still pretty.
We packed up and headed for our next destination in Truro – which we drove right through so that we could enjoy Sugar Moon Maple Farm.  Dad was in his glory as we chowed down on maple pancakes, maple sausages, maple baked beans, maple hot chocolate, maple ice cream and maple cream candies. Mom even tried a maple martini (YUCK).

With everyone abuzz with sugar (and slightly more educated on the making of all things maple) we loaded our things back in to the truck and headed back to Truro – and once again drove right past it so we could check out Five Islands Provincial Park, the girls were a little concerned about the fact that we kept driving past our destination but I promised Kaitlyn some fossil hunting and I didn’t want to disappoint!

The drive was longer than we had expected and mom was starting to worry that we’d missed the turn.  But we hadn’t and soon found ourselves parked at the beach.  We had arrived when the tide was fairly low and spent the next hour combing the beach for pretty rocks, gemstones, and crab carcasses, seashells and even a sea sponge.  We even found some fossils! Kaitlyn’s best one was of a leaf and Tasha’s of a snail.

As we neared the tip of the beach, mommy noticed the water doing something funny and insisted everyone to stop what they were doing so that we could figure out what was going on.  Before too long dad realized that the tide was coming in and that the tip of the beach was becoming an Island.  We scrambled back to higher land and watched as the ocean began to isolate the small piece of land.  There was a family out on the soon to be island who didn’t notice what was happening with the water “ We sent forth our fastest runner (Tasha) to warn the family of their impending doom (er, swim anyways) and they all hurried back to safety thanking us for our warning.

It was getting late so we packed up our treasures and returned to Truro.  We ate at a not terrible, not spectacular family restaurant and then climbed into bed at the Super 8 and fell fast asleep.

On the morning of Day 8, dad and the girls enjoyed one last swim in Tattingstone's pool.  Here is their story (by Tasha)…

The 'pool' frog.
The 'pool' frog.

We were all enjoying our swim while mom was having a nice long nap.  It was a nice and warm morning so we brought out our new floaties to swim with us.  Tasha and Dad played while Kaitlyn paddled over to the deep end.  When she was just about to turn around when she spotted something that looked like a leaf, she was just about to pick it up and throw it out of the water when she noticed that it had moved.  She quickly realized that this thing was no leaf, it was a frog.  Screaming and paddling she told Dad and Tasha what she had encountered.  Dad and Tasha quickly got out of the pool and scanned it to see where the frog was; sure enough there it was paddling slowly to the edge.  When it finally reached the edge it took hold and seemed as though it was trying to catch the waves and jump out (the poor frog had no such luck).  So Kaitlyn and Dad decided to make bigger waves in the hopes of the frog getting out (but the waves ended up being too big).  Dad told Tasha to use her shoe but of course Tasha was not going to get her Paul Frank flip-flops wet so she used Dads instead (rofl).  She let the frog hop onto dad’s shoe and then lifted it out and set it on the gravel to dry.  It stayed there for quite awhile recovering from the chlorine in the pool.  As it was doing so dad decided that this was a perfect photo opportunity, so off he went (quietly) to get the camera.  Before dad was back the frog hopped into the grass to hide from any unwanted birds.  But dad ended up getting great photos anyway.  As we were heading back to the room Tasha noticed a dead shrew lying there beside the pool *Yuck* (this had been the quite exciting morning)

Kaitlyn adds: Nobody believed me when I said that there was an actual frog in the pool.  I had to take daddy over there to prove that it wasn’t just a leaf! 

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