DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 9:  Truro, Nova Scotia to Moncton, New Brunswick

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Super 8’s may not be the fanciest hotels, but we always appreciate their consistent cleanliness and their continental breakfast.  After breakfast we climbed back into our truck and set out for our next destination – and our next province – Moncton, New Brunswick. 

New Brunwick Flag
The New Brunswick flag.

We had spent much of our time driving the previous day that we decided to head straight there on the main highway so we arrived quickly (less than 2 hours)

We checked into our hotel, The Ramada Crystal Palace and we were excited to see that our room was attached to the swimming pool.  Kaitlyn’s ear was hurting so mom wouldn’t let her swim but we let Tasha enjoy the pool for awhile before heading down to the indoor amusement park that was part of the hotel complex.

The girls were excited to start riding but mom made us all have lunch first. (The ice tea was really good and we ended up drinking 6 bottles of it)

Finally we got to buy ride passes and the girls enjoyed the next few hours of riding swings, the Roller coaster, the bumper cars and the drop of doom! Tasha found them a bit young for her but still better than sight seeing, and it was all utterly perfect for Kaitlyn.

After the Amusement Park we decided to go to the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 movie, which we all enjoyed! (Johnny Depp plays the character of Jack Sparrow very well) 

After such a fun day we went to bed and fell fast asleep (thanks to dad switching our room for us – the smell from the pool ended up being too unpleasant to live with.)

Mommy had some bad clams at lunch so suffered through the night, but everyone else slept well…

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