DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 10:  Moncton, New Brunswick

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Tuesday had been such a kid-friendly day that I think the girls were steeling themselves for another grown up day of sight seeing.  But that wasn’t the case!

Boats at high tide in Alma, New Brunswick.
Boats at high tide.
(We were not in Alma on this day but I
really wanted to share this picture!)

We stayed in Moncton a second day – this time so that we could visit Magic Mountain – a large water park!

It was a beautiful sunny day (likely the hottest day so far) so the park was busy.  But we were there early and mommy managed to find a chair to act as our base of operation.

Dad and the girls headed over to the inner tube water slide first.  It was a fast, dark ride that Tasha enjoyed, dad found a little bit nerve racking and Kaitlyn hurt her foot on.

After some tears, TLC and a band-aid, mom decided to take a little more control over what everyone went on and declared that Kaitlyn wasn’t allowed to go on any of the big rides (er, neither was dad).

We slowed things down a bit sending the girls to the wave pool.  Then they tried out the medium level slides, which they both enjoyed.  Beige was the best.

Mom had everyone return to the meeting spot after each ride for water, shaved ice and the occasional re-application of sunscreen.

Mom and Dad headed to the lazy river while the girls continued sliding.  The lazy river was very nice and full of parents.

We all met up and gave Tasha a choice of going on the most challenging slides or coming on the river with us (Kaitlyn quickly volunteered to join us on the river).  Tasha chose the slides, of course, and ran off to Kamikaze (we saw her go down it from the lazy river (it looked awful).  She chose not to go on that one again seeing as a boy got hurt on it but she enjoyed the remaining slides while the rest of us floated around the river.

We finished up with a couple more moderate slides, some hotdogs and time in the wave pool and then we returned to our hotel.

After such a long “kids day” we decided to take dad to the brewpub for supper.  We all played a game of pool and then enjoyed our wood oven pizzas. Mom and Dad tried all of their beers (in sampler glasses) while Tasha enjoyed root beer and Kaitlyn tried out their cream soda.

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