DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 23:  Louisbourg to Charlos Cove

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We had planned to enjoy coffee on the patio this morning but it was a blustery windy day so we had it at our little kitchen table instead.

It was a good day for driving (grey and windy) which was good because we had the longest drive of the trip ahead of us.  We piled into the truck and drove back over the Canso Highway – goodbye Cape Breton – we had lots of fun.

Charlos Cove on a grey day
Charlos Cove on a grey day.

After nearly 6 hours on the road we arrived at our stop – the Seawind Landing in Charlos Cove.

It would have been a bit shorter but mom took us off to Canso not realizing that the inn was about 45 minutes away in Charlos Cove… oops!

We checked into the inn and just lay around reading books and playing game boy.  We actually enjoyed our boring grey day – recuperating a bit from all of our walking the day before at the Fortress.

We had a nice supper at the inn and chit chatted with a mom and daughter from Devon, England. People are so friendly when staying at the smaller inns.

After supper we played Nautical Trivia.  It was a hoot and we all learned a lot more about boats.  Daddy won - I guess the rest of us should have listened to the history tour in Louisbourg more – we may have picked up a few more sailor tidbits!

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