DLTK's Maritime Road Trip
Day 24:  Charlos Cove to Halifax

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We returned our trivia game and enjoyed breakfast in the dining room before checking out.  Our last day in the maritimes was another driving day.  We enjoyed the “marine drive” down the SE coast of Nova Scotia stopping periodically to take photos of the fishing villages and the brooks.

The blue boat we saw from Marine Drive
The blue boat we saw from Marine Drive.

We had wanted to take a breakfast sailboat ride in the morning but the captain wasn’t feeling well and the weather was quite foggy so we didn’t.  Luckily the fog cleared by mid morning so our drive was pleasant.

We chatted about our vacation and about how much we were looking forward to seeing our family and our pets when we got home.

We arrived at the Inn on the Lake and were shocked by how huge the room was.  I kept getting lost in it.  But it was a good place to spread out and pack all our luggage and we enjoyed one last maritime swim before supper.

Supper was tasty and dad had a giant “Bushwhacker” drink- it looked so funny and the waitress took a photo of us with him drinking it – it was very nice of her.

We turned in for the night, got up nice and early and caught our plane for our uneventful ride home… where we got oodles of laundry. *laugh*

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