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Happy Groundhog's Day! 

Groundhog's Day is celebrated in Canada and the United States on February 2nd each year.  We watch our favourite groundhog on this day.  If it is cloudy, he will come out of his burrow and, tradition says, spring will start soon.  If it is sunny, he will see his shadow and scoot back into his burrow for six more weeks of winter sleep.  Read more about the history of Groundhog's Day.

Groundhog's Day Coloring Pages:
Groundhog's Day Bingo Dauber Art

groundhog's day coloring book pages

tongue twister

Groundhog's Day Crafts for Kids:
five little groundhogs 

Age 2+

groundhog's day bulletin board 

beaver heart paper craft

Groundhog's Day Activities for Children
Groundhog Heart Paper Craft

Age 2+

groundhog paper craft 

Age 2+

Groundhog Peeking Puppet

Age 5+

Groundhog Pop Up Craft 

Age 3+

groundhog toilet paper roll craft

Age 3+

Groundhog's Day On-Line Games:
Groundhog's Day Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Groundhog's Day Printables:
groundhog crossword puzzles 

groundhog's day itsy bitsy books 

groundhog graphing 

groundhog's day poetry 

groundhog word puzzles 

groundhog word search 

Weather Themes - Clouds:
cloud paper craft

Cloud Themed Activities
Bluster the Cloud

lacing project

Cloud Themed Activities
Cloud Lacing Project

cloud wind puppet

Cloud Themed Activities
Cloud Wind Puppet

mr. sun song

sun connect the dots

sun craft

lacing projects

sunshine mask

craft ideas



Other Groundhog Links:

Fan Art
Print Help
Jigsaw Puzzles


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