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Butterfly Life Cycle Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Butterflies have four different stages to their life cycle.  Each stage serves a different purpose and the butterfly looks completely different.  The change from stage to stage is called a "metamorphosis".

Note that the templates below include a larger version of the images to be used on a bulletin board or something like that.


Craft Instructions:

Printing the Templates:

Small Templates

Base template:                       color  or   B&W
Small pictures (no words):      color  or   B&W
Small pictures (with words):    color  or   B&W

Large Templates (perfect for bulletin boards)

Butterfly and Eggs:            color  or   B&W
Caterpillar and Chrysalis:   color  or   B&W
Life Cycle Arrows:             color  or   B&W


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