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#051 Dugtrio Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Dugtrio

Type: Ground

Species:  Mole

Height: 2' 04"

Weight: 73.0 lbs

EvolutionDiglett evolves to Dugtrio at Level 26

Description:  Dugtrio is actually a group of Digletts that have banded together. This bonding increases their strength by several times, allowing them to tunnel deeply enough to cause earthquakes.

Advantages:  Fire, Electric, Poison, Bug

Disadvantages:  Grass, Flying, and Bug

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Scratch Normal
- Growl Normal
- Dig Ground
24 Sand-Attack Ground
35 Slash Normal
47 Earthquake Ground



Level Move Type
- Scratch Normal
- Growl Normal
- Magnitude Ground
17 Dig Ground
25 Sand-Attack Ground
37 Slash Normal
49 Earthquake Ground
61 Fissure Ground


(you can use hidden machines and technical machines to teach attacks other than those listed above)



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