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#074 Geodude Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Isitsubute

Type:  Ground/Rock

Species:  Rock

Height: 1' 04"

Weight:  44.0 lb

Geodude evolves to Graveler at level 25
Graveler evolves to Golem when traded

Advantages:   Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug

Disadvantages:  Fighting and Ground

CD Rom Craft

Description:  Found in fields and mountains. Mistaking them for boulders, people often step or trip on them.

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Tackle Normal
11 Defense Curl Normal
16 Rock Throw Rock
21 Selfdestruct Normal
26 Harden Normal
31 Earthquake Ground
36 Explosion Normal



Level Move Type
- Tackle Normal
6 Defense Curl Normal
11 Rock Throw Rock
16 Magnitude Ground
21 Selfdestruct Normal
26 Harden Normal
31 Rollout Rock
36 Earthquake Ground
41 Explosion Normal



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