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#058 Growlithe Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Gardie

Type:  Fire

Species:  Puppy

Height: 2' 04"

Weight: 42.0 lbs

Evolution Growlithe evolves to Arcanine with the Fire Stone

Description:  Very protective of its territory. It will bark and bite to repel intruders from its space.

Advantages:  Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel

Disadvantages Fire, Water, Rock, and Dragon

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Bite Dark
- Roar Normal
18 Ember Fire
23 Leer Normal
30 Take Down Normal
39 Agility Psychic
50 Flamethrower Fire



Level Move Type
- Bite Dark
- Roar Normal
9 Ember Fire
18 Leer Normal
26 Take Down Normal
34 Flame Wheel Fire
42 Agility Psychic
50 Flamethrower Fire


(you can use hidden machines and technical machines to teach attacks other than those listed above)



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