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#029 Nidoran (Female) Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Nidoran

Type:  Poison

Species:  poison pin

Height: 1' 04"

Weight: 15.0 lb

EvolutionNidoran (female) evolves to Nidorina at level 16
                     Nidorina evolves to Nidoqueen using the Moonstone

Description:  Although small, its venomous barbs render this Pokémon dangerous. The female has smaller horns.  Nidoran are one of the few two-gender Pokémon and are extremely rare. The female Nidoran's barbs are smaller than the male's but no less poisonous. Female Nidoran are found in the Blue game only, and will evolve into Nidorina and Nidoqueen.

Advantage: Grass and Bug

Disadvantage: Poison, Ground, Rock, and Ghost


Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Growl Normal
- Tackle Normal
8 Scratch Normal
14 Poison Sting Poison
21 Tail Whip Normal
29 Bite Dark
36 Fury Swipes Normal
43 Double Kick Fighting


Level Move Type
- Growl Normal
- Tackle Normal
8 Scratch Normal
12 Double Kick Fighting
17 Poison Sting Poison
23 Tail Whip Normal
30 Bite Dark
38 Fury Swipes Normal



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