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#030 Nidorina Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Nidorina

Type:  Poison

Species:  poison pin

Height: 2' 07"

Weight: 44.0 lb

EvolutionNidoran (female) evolves to Nidorina at level 16
                     Nidorina evolves to Nidoqueen using the Moonstone

Description:  The female's horn develops slowly. Prefers physical attacks such as clawing and biting.

Advantage: Grass and Bug

Disadvantage: Poison, Ground, Rock, and Ghost


Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Growl Normal
- Tackle Normal
- Scratch Normal
14 Poison Sting Poison
23 Tail Whip Normal
32 Bite Dark
41 Fury Swipes Normal
50 Double Kick Fighting


Level Move Type
- Growl Normal
- Tackle Normal
- Scratch Normal
12 Double Kick Fighting
19 Poison Sting Poison
27 Tail Whip Normal
36 Bite Dark
46 Fury Swipes Normal



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