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#003 Venusaur Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Fushigibana

Type: Grass/Poison

Species:  Seed

Height: 2 m

Weight: 100 kg

Evolution Bulbasaur evolves to Ivysaur at level 13
                     Ivysaur evolves to Venusaur at level 32

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Venusaur TP Roll Craft

Description The plant blooms when it is absorbing solar energy. It stays on the move to seek sunlight.  The final stage of the Bulbasaur evolution, Venusaur are — like their predecessors — Grass and Poison Pokémon.  This makes it hard to predict how Venusaur will fare in combat, but they are one of the most useful and versatile Pokémon around. 


Advantages:  Water, Ground, Rock

Disadvantages: Fire, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon, Steel, Ground

Immunities:  Steel

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Tackle Normal
- Growl Normal
- Leech Seed Grass
- Vine Whip Grass
22 Poisonpowder Poison
30 Razor Leaf Grass
43 Growth Normal
55 Sleep Powder Grass
65 Solarbeam Grass



Level Move Type
- Tackle Normal
- Growl Normal
- Leech Seed Grass
- Vine Whip Grass
15 Poisonpowder Poison
15 Sleep Powder Grass
22 Razor Leaf Grass
29 Sweet Scent Normal
41 Growth Normal
53 Synthesis Grass



Pokemon Snap:

  • none

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

  • The only way to get an Ivysaur is to choose Bulbasaur as your starting Pokemon!

Pokemon Gold/Silver:

  • Where found: Not found in Gold/Silver. (Trade from Red/Blue/Yellow)



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