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Davis's Digimon  (courage and friendship)

  • Chicomon (Baby)

  • DemiVeemon (In-Training)

  • Veemon (Rookie)

  • ExVeemon (Champion)

  • Paildramon (Ultimate)  
    (DNA Digivolve -- Stingmon and ExVeemon)

  • ImperialDramon (Mega)


  • Depthmon (Armor of reliability)

  • Flamedramon (Armor of courage)

  • Gargoylemon (Armor of Light)

  • Honeybeemon (Armor of knowledge)

  • Kangerumon  (Armor of kindness)

  • Magnamon (Golden Armor)

  • Raidramon (Armor of friendship)

  • Sagitarimon (Armor of Hope)

  • Setmon (Armor of love)

  • Yasyamon (Armor of sincerity)


Yolei's Digimon (Love and Sincerity)

  • Pururumon (Baby)

  • Poromon (In-Training)

  • Hawkmon (Rookie)

  • Aquillamon (Champion)

  • Sylphimon (Ultimate)  (DNA Digivolve -- Halsemon and Gatomon)

  • Valkyrimon (Mega)

  • Rookie - Hawkmon 

  • Allomon (Armor of courage)

  • Flybeemon (Armor of knowledge)

  • Halsemon (Armor of love)

  • Harpymon (Armor of light)

  • Moosemon (Armor of hope)

  • Orcamon (Armor of reliability)

  • Peacockmon (Golden Armor)

  • Rinkmon (Armor of friendship)

  • Shurimon (Armor of sincerity)

  • Toucanmon (Armor of Kindness)


Cody's Digimon (Knowledge and Reliability)

  • Tsubumon (Baby)

  • Upamon (In-Training)

  • Armadillomon (Rookie)

  • Ankylomon (Champion)

  • Skakkuamon (Ultimate)  (DNA Digivolve -- Ankylomon and Angemon)

  • Vikmon (Mega)


  • Digmon (Armor of Knowledge)

  • Submarimon (Armor of Reliability)


TK's Digimon (Hope)

  • Poyomon (Baby)

  • Tokomon (In-Training)

  • Patamon (Rookie)

  • Angemon (Champion)

  • MagnaAngemon (Ultimate)

  • Skakkuamon (Ultimate)  
    (DNA Digivolve -- Ankylomon and Angemon)

  • Seraphimon (Mega) 


  • Manbomon (Armor of Light)

  • Mantaraymon (Armor of Faith)

  • Mothmon (Armor of Knowledge)

  • Pegasusmon (Armor of Hope)

  • Pipismon (Armor of Love)

  • Ponchomon (Armor of Purity)

  • Rhinomon (Armor of Miracles)


Kari's Digimon (Light)

  • Yukimipotamon (Baby)

  • Nyaromon (In-Training)

  • Salamon (Rookie)

  • Gatomon (Champion)

  • Angewomon (Ultimate)

  • Sylphimon (Ultimate)  
    (DNA Digivolve -- Halsemon and Gatomon)


  • Nefertimon (Armor of light)


Ken Ichijouji (Digimon Emperor)

  • Leafmon (Baby)

  • Minimon (In-Training)

  • Wormmon (Rookie)
  •  Stingmon (Champion)
  • Paildramon (Ultimate)  
    (DNA Digivolve -- Stingmon and ExVeemon)

  • ImperialDramon (Mega)


  • Archelomon (Armor of reliability)
  • Bullmon (Armor of hope)
  • Kongonmon (Golden Armor)
  • Nohemon (Armor of sincerity)
  • Owlmon (Armor of love)
  • Puttimon (Armor of kindness)
  • Quatlmon (Armor of light)
  • Searchmon (Armor of knowledge)
  • Shadramon (Armor of courage)
  • Togumogumon (Armor of friendship)

Thanks to Rob for providing this additional info:  Stingmon also has an ultimate, DinoBeeMon, but he's not in the show!  Also, Pucchiemon uses the digiegg of kindness to armor digivolve... but this egg was cut from the show, so Pucciemon does not appear.


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