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Canada Flag Cake

Canadian Flag Cake

Basically, you're going to be making a 9x11 inch cake (9x13 would work too), covering it with white icing and then garnishing it with strawberries or raspberries so it looks like a flag.  (I prefer strawberries)

The type of cake you use can be whatever you prefer (our favorite is no-bake cheesecake) -- here are a few suggestions.

Version 1 - White Cake:

Prepare cake according to package directions.

Let cool completely and remove from the pan onto a serving tray.  (you could just serve it in the pan if you like)

Kimberly (another viewer) adds the following tip: "P.S.  I found it easier to remove the cake in one piece from the pan when I buttered the bottom of the pan and sprinkled on flour before putting the batter in."

Ice the cake with vanilla icing.

Decorate with blueberries and raspberries so it looks like a flag.

Version 2 - No Bake Cheese Cake:

No Bake Cheesecake Step 1
No Bake Cheese Cake Step 2

Very easy for kids to make -- there's no baking or cooking involved!!  Make 1 day in advance so it has time to firm up (I like that the kids can make it the day before because it keeps them "out of the way" during the chaos of final minute celebration preparations).  There is a printable version of this recipe.

Crumble crumbs and margarine together and pat firmly into a 9x11 pan.

Combine the PREPARED dream whip, cream cheese and icing sugar and beat with an electric beater at LOW SPEED.  Don't beat it to death -- a few little cream cheese lumps makes the cake extra yummy.  Spread over the base, smoothing it out as much as possible.

Put in fridge for at least 12 hours (otherwise your fruit may sink into the cake when you decorate).  You can actually leave the cake in the fridge for up to two days... just don't add the fruit until the day you want to start eating it.

strawberry maple leafKaitlyn was 14 when she made this particular cake (the one in the photos).  When I make it, I just eyeball the maple leaf but she was stressing out about it so I made her a little paper template to help (I just cut it free hand from a scrap of paper, but I've made one you can print out if you like).  She arranged the strawberries on the template until she was happy then she moved the pieces (not the paper) one by one onto the cake.  This really helped her confidence so don't be shy about printing the template for yourself or your "junior chefs"!

Decorate with strawberries or raspberries so it looks like a flag.  We like strawberries because you can make the points of the maple leaf nice and pointy.  Don't forget the red stripes on each side of the cake!

maple leaf cakeYou can serve with extra strawberries (or other berries) so everyone gets some fruit.


Maple Leaf Template


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