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Bullet Journal Ideas

contributed by Kaitlyn Guenther

Bullet Journal IdeasJournaling has always been something I am interested in. When I was younger I would try to write the normal journal entry, "Dear Diary..." and so on. I'd usually give up on it after a couple of weeks because I got bored. When I was a teenager I started journaling with photos and paintings; it was much more creative—almost like a scrapbook.

I recently discovered bullet journalling and it revolutionized my journalling style! It is fun and creative, but not too time consuming. You can use your journal to record lists, to write entries every day or some days, or even to make graphs.

Below I've given information and instructions on some of my favourite bullet journalling ideas and how you can make a creative bullet journal to suit your unique journalling needs!

Bullet Journal Ideas: Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

Bullet Journal Ideas: Goal Pages

Goal Pages

Bullet Journal Ideas: Gratitude Lists

Gratitude Lists:

Floating Balloons

Sun Rays

Bullet Journal Ideas: Halloween Planning

Halloween Planning

Bullet Journal Ideas: Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Bullet Journal Ideas: Recipes

Recipe Page

Bullet Journal Ideas: Thanksgiving pages

Thanksgiving Gratitude List

Bullet Journal Ideas: To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists

Bullet Journal Ideas: Weekly Tracking and Daily Entries

Weekly Planning and Daily Entry Pages