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Slime Recipes

Fondant slime image Slime is an easy, relaxing craft recipe for those who love to feel things and play with their hands, for those who love ASMR videos, or even for those who want a distraction from stress. There are generally two types of slime recipes: those made with white glue and those made with clear glue.

White glue-based slimes are great for adding subtle textures to slime like soft clay, foaming soap, shaving cream, and so on. Clear glue-based slimes are great recipes for adding drastic textures to slime like foam beads, clay pieces, fishbowl beads, and so on.

If you are feeling extra crafty, combining white slime and Styrofoam pieces from any packing box acts as a great alternative to clear slime and foam beads, and gives your white glue-based slime a more crunchy texture and sound. In general however, all slime is perfect for making unique and beautiful crafts.

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